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                               With sunrise begin the hectic schedule of Dr. Balachandran, a well known cardiac surgeon of the region. He is recognized as the best cardiac surgeon available, being successful in many operations that all other surgeons had lost hope in. He is almost equal to a God to many whose life he had saved. His hands seem to be blessed to save life. He is a heart doctor who understands the heart of his patients literally and metaphorically. Dr. Balachandran sat on his bed next to his sleeping wife, Reena. She seems to be sleeping peacefully. The lady had suffered a lot for him.  She is the pillar of his success. She has been keeping lots of his secrets for past many years. She is an iron willed wife and a tender mother. Balachandran removed a strand of hair that had fallen to Reena's face. She slept on. He went for his morning jogging.

                                    As he went, he saw light in Kajal's room. Her final exams are coming up real soon but Balachandran has no fears. She is a hard working and intelligent girl. She knows to take the right decision at the right time. She is a kind of girl who makes any father proud. Balachandran smiled as he entered the dark streets. He is blessed with a wonderful family. His wife, Reena had gone against her family to marry Balachandran and so had Balachandran. Neither of them had seen their parents after marriage. The last time Balachandran saw his father was when he came to his college hostel to demand that either he should not marry Reena or be disowned. Balachandran chose the second option as he refused to cheat the girl who had given him her heart. Balachandran was still in the college when he married Reena. He had to do all the odd jobs at night and attend college during day to support himself and his wife. But he succeeded and now leads a very happy life. It’s almost 26 years after his marriage.

                                        Dr Balachandran finished his daily round and walked towards his O.P. As usual there was a crowd in front of his O.P. Every one stood up as they saw him to express their respect and gratitude and Dr Balachandran nodded and smiled at them. Unlike his colleagues, his smile was genuine. He recognized all of them.  As he settled on his room, Visak entered giving him a warm smile. Visak was 18, same as his Kajal. Even though there was a bright smile in visak's face, his face appeared to be tired. The poor child's condition is worsening day by day. Dr. Balachandran had done all the treatments that was possible but with very little effect. There was only one thing left to do, but....

          "Dr Uncle. Guess what? I'm selected to go for inter-school dance competition to be held next month. I want to win this competition. Please pray for me." Dr. Balachandran was unable to bring a smile to his face. The poor child may not live for one more month. He had a promising future, but will he have the future? He is not only a dancer, he is bright in studies, and is an exceptional singer. Most probably the hero of the school. He is Kajal's schoolmate. Kajal used to narrate proudly about his helpful nature and leading ability as a school captain. Everyone at school loves Visak. Kajal had said once. Visak was going on about his plans about the dance competition. Dr. Balachandran strongly advised him not to practice for some time. His condition is very bad and even a slight exertion to his heart can have fatal results. Dr. Balachandran tried his best not to hurt the child's feelings while explaining not to practice. It was really difficult for him to do that.

                        Reena was sitting in a small hut. It was raining outside and the hut was leaking. It was really cold but Reena was not bothered. She was worried that her Bala has not returned yet. He was working hard to meet the two ends together. Tears poured from her eyes as she thought about Bala studying in the day to be a doctor and working as a waiter in the night in the local bar. Her childhood friend, Bala was born in a rich family. Nobody thought he will have such a fate. Reena patted her tummy. She was not sure whether or not to tell Bala that she was pregnant. Bala may not be able to afford a child at the moment but abortion will never be an option for him. When Bala came after midnight, drenched in rain, Reena told him that their family is going to be complete. Bala was so happy..... Reena was 7months pregnant. She was slowly walking down the stairs of the hospital when somebody called her from behind. She turned back, slipped feet, there was pain. She was sleeping. Something happening to her tummy.The pain. A voice telling that she may not be... periods of unconsciousness.... a baby moving away from her... a dead baby... A hand on the shoulder.....

              Reena woke up drenched in sweat.  Her old memories had once again surfaced in her dreams. She decided never to sleep during day again. She always sought refuge in her garden among the colorful flowers. This is how she spent her time while her husband and Kajal are away.

                Kajal bounced into her home. Her last exam just got over. Now she can spend a few months without school before joining college. She had some plans for college which she wanted to discuss with her father. That can wait though. She thought about how to spend her vacation. She had some tour programs planned with friends. Her father had given her permission earlier itself. Kajal's best friend Sneha didn’t get the permission from her parents so she has decided to lie to her parents and go. She said its all worth the risk. All her friends had some sort of adventure or risk. They did something or other that their parents won’t approve of. All except Kajal. She wanted to do something as well. Something harmless. She had no idea what to do...

                   Visak was brought in emergency department, unconscious. He had tried to practice for the dance competition next week. His weak heart couldn't manage the extra work.   He was shifted to ICU. Dr Balachandran did all that was in his power to sustain his life. Now only one more thing to do. But that is almost impossible.
                        Kajal entered her father's study. A lot of documents were stacked in the rack. She remembered her mother scolding her once for entering the small room in the back of his study. Her mother told that the room is full of delicate instruments. Kajal wanted to see that delicate instruments now. She entered the room not knowing that it’s not filled with delicate instruments but with delicate memories. The room was dark. Kajal fumbled in darkness and found a light switch. The room was full of some old framed photographs. She looked at them. It was of a man she never saw before. He had his arms around her father. Looking at him started a feeling of uneasiness in her stomach. She saw a few more pictures of her dad with that man. He seemed to be rich. Then there was a wedding photo. That man's wedding. The bride was beautiful. Kajal was not feeling well at all. The bride now has a small child in her lap. Reena was gazing lovingly at the child.

                      Visak's father fell on Dr. Balachandran's feet. "Please take my life. Just save my child." Dr. Balachandran was stunned. He didn't know what to do. The poor child was struggling for his life. He didn't notice his phone buzzing. He didn't notice anything. He could only see Visak fighting to keep his life.

                     Kajal saw an old diary. Her father do not usually write diary. This is not a daily diary. It was a narration of Balachandran's life at Bangalore. After finishing MBBS, Balachandran went to Bangalore with his wife to work in a hospital. There he met Advocate George, son of a rich businessman. They became thick friends soon. George took initiative to finance further studies of Balachandran. They were happy together. Balachandran helped George to get his love of life, Sherly. The two couples lived happily for some time. Sherly gave birth to a girl child. The child was given the name Kajal on Balachandran's suggestion....
A lightning had struck. it had begun to rain, The diary fell from Kajal's hand. She couldn't move. Her legs turned into lead. A small paper slip fell from the diary. She picked it up. There was an address of a house in Bangalore. Her real home, she thought. Where her real parents live. She stormed out of the room. She was not sure what was the emotion pouring through her heart. She hopped into the car in garage and set out into rain.

                          Dr. Jimmy entered the ICU. Dr. Balachandran was sitting near Visak's bed holding his hand. Jimmy was a young and dynamic doctor who joined cardiology department recently. "Heart transplantation is only way left and we need to perform it within a few hours if we want any hope" Jimmy reminded his boss. "I know" croaked Balachandran, "Sir; a girl was brought to emergency department. It was an accident. She is brain dead" Balachandran was still emotionless. Another death. Why is this young generation so careless? “Sir, we can use her heart if we get consent" . Dr. Balachandran looked at Jimmy. He was unable to decide what to do. He was  in a numb state.

                          Reena was calling Bala continuously. When she returned from temple in the evening, servants informed her that Kajal went out in car. The small room was found open and the diary was thrown on ground. Reena understood what happened, but she didn't know what to do. Balachandran was not picking the phone.

                       "Sir. I am trying to trace the girl’s identity. It will take a long time for police to get us the information. I will try on my own. The girl had this address in her hands. May be this will help" Dr. Jimmy raised an old paper piece. Absentmindedly Balachandran looked at the address. He got a shock. He himself had written that address on that paper more than twenty years before, when he first met George. Realization and memories crashed over Balachandran. George had appeared against an infamous politician of the region in the court. The politician had sent goons to kill George and his family. Two year old Kajal was with Reena in Balachandran's home when the criminals killed George and Sherly. The cruel politician wanted to kill the two year old as well to complete his revenge, Balachandran, knowing this fled to Kerala. He managed to make fake birth certificates and all necessary documents and made the two year old Kajal his own daughter. The same Kajal who is now nearly dead, whose heart he was about to take out. He had loved her more than anything in this world. Even more than his wife. But now she is gone.

              "NO, I CANT KILL MY OWN DAUGHTER. NEVER" Balachandran shouted at himself and he fell on ground. A confused Jimmy tried to support his weight but failed. Balachandran was in a pathetic state, mumbling to himself.

                               10 hours later... Operation was successful. Balachandran descended the steps of his hospital. he believed that he killed his daughter to give life to a boy..

                      "And the best actor award goes to ...... my favorite, the young and talented...
a beautiful show hostess with heavy makeup was shouting through the microphone. "Visak" she finished. A handsome youth rose from the crowd and walked towards the podium. He acknowledged the audience and received the award. He took the microphone and said “this award do not belong to me. It is for Kajal, the girl who gave her heart to save my life. The girl i never saw alive. And also to her father, Dr. Balachandran, the living God. I owe my life to you sir." A small drop of tear trickled out of his eyes as he sat in the front row and blessed the boy. His Kajal will be clapping for Visak.


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